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Wee Felt Birthe Marie

Wee Felt Birthe Marie

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This needle felted decoration is perfect if you want to add a taste of Iona to your Christmas tree.

The stunning sailing boat, the Birthe Marie has become iconic in the waters around Iona. With her red sails and distinctive blue and white hull, it's no wonder she's firmly placed in our minds when we think of the island.

This is also a zero waste item. In my determination to not waste a single scrap, I save all the ends and snipped off bits of yarn, re-card them all into roving and use them to make little felt things like this.

Each tiny hand-felted boat is around 6cm long, and 6cm high to the top of the mast.


Felt, cotton string, wire


Around 6cm long, and 6cm high to the top of the mast

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