Support Mull and Iona Creators During COVID-19

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Refined products, made locally on the Inner Hebridean islands of Mull and Iona.

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Make a real difference to Mull and Iona businesses and individuals affected negatively by COVID-19.

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Effortlessly shop a community of creators from one website.

The Mull and Iona Shop is a shared online marketplace which aims to bring you some of the best creations of Mull and Iona to you, anywhere you are in the world. So, if you couldn’t visit our islands this year, we can still bring some of Mull and Iona to you!

Visitors play a vital role in our islands economy. The emergence of COVID-19 had a devastating impact on many businesses and individuals relying on income generated by the tourism sector. By creating a website to feature like minded creators we hope this will elevate everyone together, as a community network begins to grow.  

Our website offers sellers a platform to display their products in a shared marketplace. We hope to improve The Mull and Iona Shop over time – promoting featured products, categories and sellers on the website, email and social media.

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Featured Maker: Scottish Island Art

Here is what Aska has to say about her work: “Having arrived in Scotland for the first time 12 years ago I was struck by its stunning beauty – seawater and mountains together in harmony. What a gift. Living in such a beautiful country as Scotland I am surrounded by inspiration. I just wanted to paint it all or at least try to capture the beauty of it.”

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