About Us

 We are Joe and Chloe, a local couple from the Isle of Mull. When the pandemic swept over the country we watched visitors disappear and the community come together. Many small businesses on the islands depend on visitors; businesses which can rely predominantly on face to face sales and may not have needed an online presence before. 

With these changing times we felt inspired to help the beautiful and diverse community of Mull and Iona through creating a marketplace solely dedicated to the islands we are so lucky to call home.

Visitors often form a special connection with Mull and Iona. This is why we feel it is a positive step to allow people access to the delights of the islands, even when they are miles away.

Joe has a degree in Business Studies and works in freelance marketing on Mull and part-time for Mull and Iona Community Trust. Chloe works for the NHS as the Occupational Therapist for Mull and Iona and has an interest in arts and crafts. We have a little baby boy and a dog called Tia.