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Whitetail Gin

Whitetail Gin 70cl

Whitetail Gin 70cl

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A smooth botanical gin made on the Isle of Mull. With flavours of juniper and coriander, with undertones of sea-kelp, heather and pine needles which are sourced from Whitetail Gin’s small estate at Tiroran in South West Mull.

Utilising the best of experience and nature, Whitetail Gin is named after Europe's largest bird of prey. The fine spirit is noted for its smoothness and strength, with the juniper and coriander flavour enhanced by the sea-kelp, heather and pine needles sourced from Whitetail Gin's small estate at Tiroran on the Isle of Mull.

Hints of sea on the nose with subtle aromas of heather. Subtle and smooth, gentle on the palate with that kick of strength. A great premium London Dry Gin made here on the Isle of Mull.



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