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Tweed spine handbound blank books

Tweed spine handbound blank books

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For a number of years I’ve been searching for the best way to use tweed in my hand made books, and thanks to some inspiration provided by Karen Hanmer (who was in turn inspired by Jen Lindsay) I think I might be there.

These are sturdy, long lasting bindings which open beautifully. Each one is entirely unique, with different tweeds from Harris and Iona, different covers, and different endpapers. They’re all roughly A5 in size.

They are all stuffed full of Flat white paper. I love using this paper because it’s 50% recycled paper and 50% recycled coffee cups. It’s also got a nice weight to it, a subtle texture, and it can even take a light wash.

The four in this listing are:

  • Blue Harris tweed spine with wave pattern cloth covers and green Ola Paper endsheets — and a Nessie cameo on the back
  • Rose Harris tweed spine with green and pink thistle pattern covers and classic starburst endsheets
  • Check pattern Harris tweed spine with bright blue cloth covers and yellow patterned endsheets
  • Blue Iona tweed spine with dark blue buckram covers and thistle and clover Angie Lewin endsheets



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