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Nick's Buddha colouring book

Nick's Buddha colouring book

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My father in law has a slight... shall we say, obsession... with Buddha statues. Their house is covered with them, much to his wife's "delight". (We're still pretty sure she had something to do with the headless one in the back garden, though she swears her wielding a large shovel earlier that same day was strictly a coincidence.)

I digress. 

When searching for the perfect Christmas present for him a few years ago, and not wanting to add to his already (slightly creepy) inundation of physical Buddhas, we hit upon the idea of immortalising some of his favourite Buddhas in one book of colourable illustrations. He was pretty happy with it. So were we. 

Now you too can enjoy his mania, with this 16 page, saddle-stitched A5 colouring book featuring Buddha illustrations from different cultures and eras.



15 x 21 cm

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