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Drift Designs Mull

Large Celtic Whale Tail Pendant

Large Celtic Whale Tail Pendant

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My large Celtic whale tail pendant is made from pure silver and was designed and handmade by me here in the beautiful Isle of Mull. This is a chunky size that is more masculine in appearance. This pendant has a tail fluke width of 32mm and a height of 22mm.  It hangs on a black cord that is knotted to make the length adjustable, the maximum length is approximately 30 inches or 65 cm.

My jewellery is inspired by the glorious natural environment I live in and the wildlife that surrounds me. Many visitors come to Mull hoping to see whales in the surrounding waters. Minke whales are the most commonly seen but we do get humpbacks passing through too. I wanted to link these beautiful creatures with the Celtic heritage of the area.

It will be presented in an eco friendly matchbox style gift box, grey in colour.

There is a smaller, more elegant version of my Celtic whale tail available too.


Recycled pure silver


32mm by 22mm

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