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Isle of Iona framed watercolour tunnel 'book'

Isle of Iona framed watercolour tunnel 'book'

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I live on the beautiful Hebridean island of Iona and never grow tired of gawking at the scenery. It’s a stunning place. The light changes constantly, not just with the seasons and weather but daily. Sometimes hourly. These little scenelets are some of my favourite places on the island, in some of the finest colours of the island.

Tunnel books originated in the mid-18th century. These traditionally would have been made up of a series of pages held together with folded strips of paper on each side. They are ‘read’ through a hole in the cover… or, in this case, through the glass of the frame.

Each of these framed ‘books’ are made by hand-cutting individual the pieces from watercolour paper that I have toned and textured to suit the piece. All the pieces are then layered up using the folded structure along the sides before being secured in the box frame. Each one is entirely unique.

The frame will keep dust off the piece and also makes it easier to display and enjoy on a daily basis.

This piece takes a last look back across the island toward the village and across the Sound of Iona to Mull before heading further south to the marble quarry.



Each frame is approximately 12cm x 12cm x 3cm

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