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Machair Flowers Crochet Shawl or Scarf (Small)

Machair Flowers Crochet Shawl or Scarf (Small)

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A mixture of lots of bright colours... pinks, blues, yellows, purples, greens and lots more! Perfect for wearing as a statement scarf or slung around shoulders to keep the chill off. This item is one of a kind... you'll never see anyone else wearing it.

This is one of my zero waste items. This scarf is made from all those pesky wee balls of yarn that crocheters gather, the 'ends' of other projects. In my determination to use every last bit, I stubbornly hoard them until I have enough to make something new and beautiful. Wearing this scarf connects you to all those people out there wearing the gloves, cowls or headbands that were the 'beginnings' of these yarns, and I think that's a lovely thing.

The scarf measures at 57cm long and 120cm wide and is made with a variety of yarns - mostly wool, acrylic or cotton.


Mixed yarns - wool, acrylic, cotton


57cm x 120cm

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