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Hello and thank you for visiting my LifeAfloat Jewellery shop.

I am fortunate to live in the picturesque town of Tobermory on the wild and beautiful Isle of Mull with Karen my wife, Ziggy our bearded/border collie cross and Misty, the new addition to our family. We came across her as a wee kitten wandering wild on a dreich day on the Ross of Mull. I think she now rules the household.

I am active outdoors person with a passion for sea kayaking. I’m inspired by my immersion in Nature and love combing the shoreline around the island for glass and driftwood treasures. I used to make jewellery from smoothed sea glass when we lived in Cromarty on the Black Isle. After a hiatus of seven years, while we lived aboard our yacht on the West Coast of Scotland, I have returned to my creative endeavours, again with shore scavenged glass, but this time using a microwave kiln to fuse the pieces I find into attractive jewellery. I am also now working with epoxy resin and the driftwood I find.

I am self-taught and excited with the opportunities new learning and skills give me. I have many exciting ideas I want to try and hopefully accomplish.

I live with the spectre of chronic clinical depression, often with lengthy hospital admissions. I am pleased to say, becoming actively creative again has been hugely therapeutic for me, and it’s wonderful to once again have a sense of useful purpose in my life. 

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