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The Herb Seed Collection

The Herb Seed Collection

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From seed to plate, grow your own herbs to bring depth and flavour to your favourite dishes. These carefully selected herbs can be used individually or paired with ne another for mouth-watering creations.

Your Herb Seed Collection includes:
  • Coriander - Versatile and loved the world over, its great with chicken, salads and soups.
  • Parsley - Fresh and peppery, a great all-rounder in the kitchen.
  • Chive - Tall and graceful. Add to dishes for colour and a depth of onion and garlic flavour.
  • Dill - Feathery and fun. Adds a warm note of flavour to dishes, similar to a subtle celery.
  • Cumin - Use the seeds to add punch to curries and mexican dishes. Can be used whole or ground.
  • Sage - Fry with a little butter and add to meat or fish for a bold flavour combination.
  • Basil - Soft, fragrant and makes a perfect pesto.
Also includes:
  • Seed labels
  • Pencil
  • Detailed growing guide.



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